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Panasonic i-PRO provides industry-leading solutions to capture, record, manage and analyze surveillance video. Built on a history of innovation that spans over 60 years, we continue to expand our portfolio with advanced AI-driven software solutions to complement our renowned line of best-in-class imaging technologies and edge products. We’ve reengineered our hardware and software into a plug and play platform that delivers enhanced point-to-point data security and enterprise-level management all wrapped in powerful, intuitive applications.

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unified, simple, secure


Enterprise VMS

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integrated access control


lowest total cost of ownership

Panasonic bundles a camera license with every i-PRO camera - We also include a server license with all of our NVR offerings and include a MonitorCast (our Access Control platform) door license with every Mercury Controller purchase!

night color mode


Installers can reduce pre-configuration time by without opening package and pulling out camera

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case studies

denver schools

west platte schools

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Minuteman's comprehensive line of power protection and management products includes:

• Single phase UPSs from 350VA to 20kVA
• Surge suppression products for non-vital equipment
• Power Distribution Units for racks
• Remote Power Management solutions
• SentryHD UPS monitoring & management software

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Securitest IP

TREND Networks full line of handheld testers ensure that jobs are both productive and profitable, with Proof of Performance integral to design. Their CCTV tester is an all-encompassing tester designed to improve profitability on camera jobs. see video to learn more and reach out to us with specific questions!

ideal networks
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