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Vutec™ is an award-winning line of high-quality customizable projection screen products ranging from fixed, motorized, manual, portable, and rear projection screens. Vutec offers unequaled craftsmanship, ingenuity, and performance. Countless hours have been spent on engineering, marketing research, and design to make a projection screen in a class of it’s own. Vutec has become the standard by which all screens are compared by. Eachprojection screen is a custom built in our factory for the experienced integrator seeking more.


Vision-X™ by Vutec™ is an influential collection of award-winning masking projection screens that offers unequaled craftsmanship, ingenuity and performance. Go from a boring flat projection screen with an option to go to a curved atmospheric theater-like approach! The Dyna-Curve™ sets Vision-X apart from any projection screen out there. Countless hours have been spent on engineering, marketing research, and design to implement an unsurpassed image masking system and a digital screen control system.


SilverStar™ by Vutec™ is a luxury upgrade that provides a true 3D & Ultra-HD fixed flat front projection screen surface that features Accurate Color Panoptics. ISF Certified, the SilverStar is a 2.2 high-gain and high contrast screen – 8K Ultra HD.

ArtScreen Systems

ArtScreen™ Systems transforms a flat panel display, video projection screen or home entertainment system into a work of art. When the flat panel display is not in use, the digital art-on-canvas image of your choosing is displayed. When your artwork is retracted, the flat panel display is visible for viewing. Choose from our selected works of art or customize your artwork; in addition to our vast array of frames and liners. Both recessed and surface mount versions are available to compliment any décor.


Our Eleganté fixed frame wall screen is a competitively priced front projection screen. It is a permanently tensioned, easy-to-use projector wall screen that is available in MatteWhite or MatteGray screen surfaces to suit your viewing environment.

Theater Art Systems

Theater Art Systems™ transforms a standard projection screen into a work of art with horizontal or vertical masking. The giclée artwork descends inside a beautiful frame to conceal your screen. It allows you to go between HDTV 16:9 to Widescreen 2.35:1 formats.

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