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High Definition Video Data Storage For The Digital Age
Capable and Streamlined
In the current video data storage market, customer service is inconsistent, lead times are too long, builds are costly and seldom customizable, and warranties are poorly supported.
Enter SANS.

SANS Storage VSS 100 Series

This appliance combines simplicity with a robust, ready to use solution with seamless installation with video management solution (VMS) platforms and leading camera manufacturers. Providing users with flexible configuration options, the 100 series is designed to be tailored for your next small surveillance project.

SANS Storage VSS 300 Series

The SANS Storage 300 series is an enterprise network video recorder engineered for mid-to-large scale surveillance deployments that require exceptional throughput performance. The 300 series is fully customizable with a wide range of options including processor, memory, storage and optical drive. Supporting the Intel Xeon Processor E5 Series, this system is armed with the technology and horsepower required to support up to 400TB of maximum raw storage.

SANS Storage VSS 150 Series

This video surveillance appliance is equipped with enterprise class components and provides excellent performance for small security and surveillance deployments. Utilizing the latest technology, the 150 series provides users with flexible configurations options to design the surveillance system tailored to their individual projects.

SANS Storage HCI-ULTRA Series

SANS Storage’s hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) offers software-defined SAN storage and server infrastructure in cost-effective, off-the-shelf server hardware. Purpose-built for demanding, data-intensive video surveillance workloads, the HCI-ULTRA Series provides the highest levels of performance, resiliency and availability so critical video surveillance data is stored without loss, protected from any failures and always available when and where it is needed most.

SANS Storage VSS 200 Series

The SANS Storage 200 series was designed for professional grade surveillance deployments. The 200 series is our flagship product designed to support VMS management, recording and archiving for video surveillance systems. This flexible video storage line has a range of options to deliver optimal performance for multiple camera configurations. Designed on an open platform system the 200 series has optimized components, allowing SANS to deliver systems with better performance, reducing the amount of hardware needed for a lower cost security deployment.

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